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Alarm Monitoring Center

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The desire of overcoming of our professionals, their readiness for developing and implementing of new technologies, the constant pursuit of customer’ satisfaction, allow us to launch today a new concept of Alarm Receiving Centre.

Comfica Seguridad RECEPTORA DE ALARMAS (Comfica Seguridad ALARM MONITORING CENTRE) comes from the concern to maintain our commitment for quality and personalized service, offering the greatest efficiency in planning, installation, management and control of security systems.

Our goal is to ensure customers security, giving them added value through the delivery of our integrated services that go beyond the management of protection systems.

We offer a verification and alarm management service nationwide, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In the event of an incident, or before a risk, we can see, hear and talk to our customers immediately. We are prepared to act effectively, sending a guard or the security forces of the state.

Comfica Seguridad RECEPTORA DE ALARMAS has an area of high security that incorporates the latest technologies to ensure maximum protection to individuals and businesses. The greatest value of our company is its staff, technically qualified and specialized in providing solutions that ensure satisfaction, trust and confidence of its customers.

Enrolled in Ministry of Interior Registry of Security Companies with the number 2763 and Nation scope.

Enrolled in Ministry of Defense Armament and Material General Management Registry with the number 5474.

Enrolled in the Registry of Installers and Maintenance Companies of devices, equipment and fire protection systems (RECI # 080163257).