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Comfica Seguridad is the result of the work of a group of professionals who, from the end of the eighties, understood the need to offer full services for the development and deployment of Safety and Telecommunications systems and Surveillance, Defense and Escorting solutions.

The requirement of top quality in every project that we start forces us to develop some study and detailed analytics methods to optimize and offer the most suitable solutions in every phase of the projects we make. As a result, we have a compromise to serve and cooperate unconditionally, both with the biggest corporations and individual users.

The desire to improve of our human team and his restlessness towards the development and deployment of new technologies allow us to collaborate with the first companies in the country.

In accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Private Security Law, ref. 5/2014, and corresponding favorable resolutions, Comfica Seguridad is authorized to offer and develop the following activities:

  • Installation and maintenance of appliances, equipment, devices and security systems, connected to alarm monitoring stations, control centers or video monitoring centers.
  • Exploitation of stations for connecting, receiving, verifying and, where appropriate, response and transmission of alarm signals, as well as monitoring any signal coming from auxiliary devices for the protection of people, real or personal properties, or verification of imposed measures compliance, and the communication to the Security Forces and Departments appropriate in these cases.
  • Surveillance and Protection of goods, facilities, places and events, both public and private, as well as the people that might be found in them.
  • Escort, defense and protection of certain individuals, including legal authorities.

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