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Corporate Social Responsibility Policy Statement

Comfica Seguridad assumes voluntarily and actively the commitment to contribute, to the extent of its capabilities and performance of its functions, to social, economic and environmental improvement of their surroundings, integrating this goal in all their business activities.

Such commitment is not limited to mere compliance with all laws and regulations in their area (which, of course, are scrupulously respected by Comfica Seguridad), but goes beyond, implementing policies that combine business interests with ethical values aimed at improving social and environmental conditions of the workers and the entire community.

These are the main ethical responsibilities that endorse Comfica Seguridad:

  • ·Respect for Diversity
  • ·Promotion of the Equality
  • ·Supervision of working conditions and health of all the workers
  • ·Strict compliance and proactivity in prevention of occupational hazards
  • ·Involvement of all their staff into the Social Responsibility Policy
  • ·Monitoring the management of resources and waste
  • ·Revision of the energy performance of the company
  • ·Absolute respect for the environment
  • ·Ensuring the continuity and sustainable growth of the company
  • ·Guaranteeing fair and equitable sharing of the wealth generated
  • ·To serve their customers with quality products, fair and efficient
  • ·Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations
  • ·Respect of business ethics and fight against corruption