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Surveillance Services

Surveillance Services

Comfica Seguridad is the division of surveillance of goods and people in the Comfica Seguridad Group, incorporated with the goal of becoming the global strategic security partner of our customers, both residential and professional and institutional.

Comfica Seguridad was born on the late 80s, bringing together a group of professionals who understood the need to offer comprehensive security services to individuals, companies and institutions. The result of this concern was Comfica Seguridad Sistemas, whose area of ​​action was, and remains, the development and implementation of telecommunications and security systems.

Subsequently, the services offered by Comfica Seguridad Sistemas were upgraded with the constitution of Comfica Seguridad Receptora de Alarmas, in order to optimize our efficiency in planning, installation, management and control of our security systems.

Finally, with the creation of Comfica Seguridad, we completed the spectrum of security solutions, enabling us to provide our clients with the best and most complete range of security, maintaining our commitment to high quality, service and unconditional cooperation with our customers.

Our vision is clearly directed towards the integration of different disciplines to achieve a fully satisfactory outcome. Our staff at Comfica Seguridad not only performs the surveillance tasks corresponding to their specific sector, but also constitute consultants who analyze, report and suggest mechanisms and actions necessary to ensure at all times the safety of the facilities which they are responsible. So, customization and integration are indeed the two pillars on which our service philosophy is based.

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