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Alarm Monitoring Center

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What is an alarm monitoring centre?

An Alarm Monitoring Centre (A.M.C.) is the security electronic systems management center, controlled by hardware and software, with which it is possible the interaction between different systems and operators trained for this purpose.

The alarm monitoring center must meet certain requirements to obtain the approvals and authorizations for its exploitation.

  1. Physical Security Requirements:
    Bunkerized facilities, equipped for the prevention and total security of data, equipment and people.

  2. Electronic Security Requirements:
    • ·Electronic and computer protection for data confidentiality.
    • ·Contingency Plan.
    • ·Reinforcement systems in case of failure of the communications. Telephone landlines, GSM, GPRS, satellite, etc.
    • ·Uninterrupted Power Supply. In case of interruption of power supply, it’s mandatory to have several alternative power supply systems.
    • ·Connection to another alarm receiving centre for self-security in case of an attack.
    • ·Countermeasures for internal or external attack detection, as microphonic, thermic and seismic sensors (detects handling and shielding rupture), communication lines supervision, fire detectors, dead man detectors.

The main function of a monitoring station is the reception of signals due to a jump in alarm security in any connected installation.

These signals arrive to the alarm receiving station through telephone lines (landline or GSM), connected also to an internal computer network that manages all the received information.

As the Alarm Monitoring Centre receives not only signals from specific anti-intrusion elements, but also from the rest of devices connected to the customer security system, it’s possible to analyze if the signals come from a single element or from more detectors, and this integrated analysis can guides managers about the possible nature of the incident.

Once the signal is received and processed, the A.M.C. contacts the customer to check false alarms, asking the customer to identify himself with a secret password only known by the customers and the A.M.C.

Some equipment have the speaking and listening service, so from the same monitoring station it’s possible to check different noises and sounds, concluding from the if there was any intrusion.

The next step by the A.M.C. is to contact the nearest security force. By giving notice of the incident the call time is recorded, and then is possible to closely monitoring the security forces themselves.

The protective service of an ARC is active 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.